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"Our firm's overriding mission is to serve our clients and their cases."

Focused on Our Clients

Our emphasis is placed upon providing clients with individualized and personal attention to achieve the successful resolution of their legal issues through negotiation or litigation.  


Don't settle for a law firm that doesn't answer your questions.

Focused on Results

We advocate for clients of modest means and those with substantial assets.  In all representations our goal is to ensure that all families and their finances will be protected with expertise and experience.  


Success in Family Court depends greatly upon an attorney's knowledge of the ins and outs of Family Court and their ability to predict the outcome of the legal arguments being made in court.

Focused on Family Law

We exclusively handle family law matters including divorce, pre- and post-marital agreements, custody issues, support issues, and family law appellate matters.  
Our focus on one area of law, ensures the best results possible for our clients  


8965 S. Pecos Road, Suite 9A
Henderson, NV 89074




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