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There is no set formula for alimony in Nevada.  The Court’s decision regarding alimony is so discretionary, it is impossible to provide an accurate summary due to the number of factors and the different tendencies of the Judges in the Eighth Judicial District Court.  Generally, a marriage of five years or more in which one party earns significantly more than the other, results in an alimony award.  The amount and the duration depend on the Judge as well as dozens of other factors. 


If you have questions regarding whether or not alimony would be awarded and the specific amount that could be anticipated, our attorneys can advise based upon their experiences with any individual Judge on similar facts.  Alimony, more so than any other area of family law, is an area that requires the vast experience of our attorneys to give appropriate, realistic and reasonable advice particular to your individual case.


We encourage clients to mitigate their need for alimony as much as practicable, as our years of experience have proven that a person who contributes toward their own support is in a much better position to bring an amicable closure to their marriage.  More importantly, a Court is more inclined to award appropriate alimony to someone who is making good faith efforts to contribute toward their own financial needs.


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